How Flex Spex work

adjustable magnifying glasses

Flex Spex adjustable reading glasses are the perfect magnifiers for a flexible lifestyle.

Originally designed for fly fishing, these readers work for a multitude of situations and needs. Highly adjustable, Flex Spex are an excellent choice for anglers, contractors, foresters, ranchers, truckers, painters, mechanics, engineers, carpenters, and hobbyists among others. And if you’re camping or boating, don’t leave home without your adjustable Flex Spex reading glasses.

The most adjustable pair of reading glasses on the market, wear Flex Spex attached to the bill of your visor, or clip them right to your sunglasses and adjust Flex Spex to see. In fact, Flex Spex are the only magnifiers we know of designed to clip to visors and glasses.

Whatever you call them – readers, cheaters, magnifiers, clip-ons, or fishing glasses – the most versatile reading glasses by any other name are Flex Spex!

Be A Flex Spex Retailer
Whether you are playing or working along rivers and streams; or on lakes, oceans, mountains, and open country; or in the city; Flex Spex are designed to provide you with hassle free, easy access vision enhancement.

Happy Owners of Flex Spex Reading Glasses

I am a forester working in Wyoming. I use Flex-Spex while conducting forest surveys and on the weekends while spending days on the rivers fly fishing. Flex-Spex have proven to be a tremendous tool for me at work and at play.

Chris Weydeveld
Owner, Technical Forestry Services, LLC

I love my Flex Spex! Being a landscape contractor, I have to read lots of fine print while installing irrigation controllers and low voltage lighting systems. Now, instead of losing or misplacing my reading glasses, I am always prepared because I’m wearing my Flex Spex on my ballcap. No more back and forth trips to the service truck looking for my glasses! Time is money!! I gifted Flex Spex to two of my contractor friends, an electrical contractor and a general contractor; You will never see them working without wearing Flex Spex. On our last fishing trip together, all three of us showed up with our Flex Spex. We could actually see to thread our hooks! THANK YOU FLEXSPEX!

L.A. Garcia
Landscape Contractor - Oakdale, CA